A Project by Adam Garelick

16 thoughts on “Joe

  1. These are really beautiful and uplifting. Thanks for reminding us that black-and-white portraits still outclass color (at least if you do ’em right)!

  2. This image feels like it was plucked out of the 40’s or 50’s. Very Cool!

  3. Another great, timeless portrait.

  4. I like this picture a lot better than the featured one.

  5. Cool. Great photos, this and throne of the women from Japan have a real retro feel about them.

  6. Świetne!

  7. Woaw, this picture is like those that we can find in the best jazz clubs ! Very nice ! I encourage you to propose us more picture, it’s a real pleasure to see them 🙂
    Enjoy your day and I wish you nice discoveries.

  8. What a good looking guy! great suit, great hair. Timeless. x

  9. I absolutely love this…this inspires me to go out in my city and see who is out and about .I don’t see people like him walking out in the streets anymore, maybe back in the 50’s but this is so nice and he is very handsome, I wish guys new that this look is sooo in. Thank you for sharing =).

  10. As a huge fan of black and white photography myself, these pictures tell a story. Great work !

  11. Love the old skool feel to the photo! Great portrait

  12. Particularly like this one. As the above poster says, it looks old school, which I put down to the retro style of the collar on his shirt. One question. Do you just stop these people in the street or is it more set-up?

    • Thanks, Russell. These are all spontaneous portraits. I take a minute to explain the project and ask for permission to take a photograph, but there is no set-up. Thanks for subscribing!

      • In which case your pictures are that much more impressive, you must have a good approach that gets your subjects to pose for you. I’m Scottish but I live in Switzerland and the Swiss hate spontaneous situations. I’m curious to see how your series develops.

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