A Project by Adam Garelick

50 thoughts on “Ren

  1. Love his expression — the curl of his lip gives me a sense of wit, of spunk, of unpredictability! 🙂

  2. Love black and white photos. Too bad they never come out right for me. Very interesting shot!

  3. That expression say’s “Get on with it”. Great shot…

  4. I like your pictures. Nice catches of people’s expression. I wonder how you get permission of them. Do you just approach and ask to take their picture?

  5. Great portraits! I’d love to take them also, but find it hard to ask people to pose. How do you approach it?

  6. Awesome!!! I always love such pictures!!! Try myself too, but yours is amazing!

  7. I used to live over that way. Great photo.

  8. love this. especially love how this could be mistaken for a photo from yester year were it not for the glint of a ‘techy’ gadget (phone?) in the subjects hand.

  9. Great photo! I agree with Mikalee, the curl of his lip makes me think that he has a playful sort of mischief to him.

  10. I love the concept of this blog! It takes courage to photograph people on the street and you’re doing an admirable job! Fantastic captures! 🙂

  11. I love how one picture can say so much. Beautiful work.

  12. Cool shot! Congrats on being FP! Look forward to seeing more.

  13. Wonderful photo! Great post. Compliments. Greetings from Italy.

  14. I love your photos and that your subjects are so natural and unposed. They say so much. Really awesome.

  15. well done.

  16. He looks like he is tired of having his picture taken.

  17. Is he holding two cellphones?

  18. Sweet. I hope he sees this one day.

  19. I wish that I can take ramdam people in streets.. Its impossible for me… ><

  20. Gorgeous shot. Love his expression. Thanks for sharing.

  21. love the shot! except for the cellphone (was it an iphone?) he’s holding, this pic may be mistaken as a photo from years back.. totally awesome!

  22. nice photo! I think it’s a girl!

  23. Very Nice, Adam ! I went on your website and there is no doubt, you have THE eyes to take beautiful things. I’m happy to be one of your followers. Did you already think about taking pictures of jazz clubs atmosphere ? I think that you would be excellent in that kind of pictures because it’s your style. I would like to present your work on my blog dedicated to the best jazz clubs in the world because, maybe, your pictures should be taken for promotion banners, CD… We never know…

  24. Superb Shot. Love the pic and enjoyed reading blog…thanks for sharing buddy.

  25. One word for it. Exquisite.

  26. Classic and modern all at the same time!

  27. A great beautiful atmospheric image!

  28. love this photo…he looks like a five year old in grown up clothes….

  29. You can never go wrong with black and white photography in NYC. Great job!

  30. epic fave, epic photo. I could have it on a t-shirt 🙂

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  32. im waiting for my pic to come up!

  33. a very great black & white shot!


  34. Nice portrait photo! Very expressive. Congrats on being FP-ed! 🙂

  35. If it weren’t for the modern crispness of the photo, this could have been taken any time in the last 100 years

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