A Project by Adam Garelick

7 thoughts on “Miriam

  1. Fabulous. I love your work. What do you say when you approach people on the street?

  2. I agree what do you say? Because I have had encounters with people and find I sound stupid for asking to take a picture of them. This is absolutely beautiful…breathetaking.

  3. Thanks Lindsay and Jessi! I appreciate your comments. I usually just take a few seconds to explain the project and why I am doing it. Most people are receptive to the idea and let me take a few shots. Especially in a place like NYC, where so many people are carrying a camera or are artists themselves, I think there is a general appreciation for all things creative. For me, it has become second-nature to approach people when I know why I want to take their portrait.

  4. I am from the UK (London) but studying in Dallas, TX. I really love your work because it is so real. You can almost tell a story by just looking at their expressions/ dress code etc. – fabulous work.

  5. Beautiful photo! I really appreciate that you can go up to people and take such wonderful street-portraits! I take portraits myself but I am too shy to ask strangers.
    Keep up the fab work!

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