A Project by Adam Garelick

5 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Excellent BW. Cool facial expression. Good day Nonoy Manga

  2. what really interests me in your photographs is the following impression I have by looking at them, but of which I cannot say whether it is true or not. it’s just an effect they have on me. okay, here the impression. 🙂
    the style of your photographs, b/w, the contrasts, especially the way the light falls on the persons or you lighten them – all of this gives me the impression as if you’re are taking yourself back as the photographer, deleting, extinguishing yourself: just letting the persons you take pictures from be the whole content of the photograph.
    although it is a staged theme and some of your models seem to react on you or the camera, it’s as if there is no photographer or camera. thus the picture gains something of a coincidental thing: it’s there, no one wanted it, no one made it. it’s just someone who poses, and I, the viewer, just accidently came in to see that pose. – it’s kind of paradaox, maybe… but this effect stuns me.

    there are other photographers who make portraits in which you don’t see the portrayed persons, rather all over the photographer. (which I don’t think is a bad thing, rather can be fascinating as well.)

    you know what I mean? I’m lacking some words, furthermore English is not my first language. (maybe I first should have thought it in my native language.)

    apart from this, you find interesting models. 🙂

    • addition: the difference to a plainly accidental photograph anyone could make, is, that it is, for me, an artistic, deliberately effect. so it’s not just a picture taken, but a photograph. 🙂 and btw: it is, for me, completely different to the pictures on your other pages, which I really like too.

      • J.A., Thanks for your comment. I think you’re absolutely right. When I take someone’s portrait, I don’t give them very much direction at all — only to the extent necessary to take advantage of natural light, i.e., which direction to face. For me, the way that a subject interacts with the camera says something about them. And I don’t want to interfere. For this project, my role is deciding who to photograph, everything else is up to the subject.

  3. He seems very deep in thought, great shot.

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